Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I think im moving.

Blogs I mean.

New blog, new account.

I always wanted to keep this one, with every post intact from beginning to end. Wherever the end might be. But ive been gone from here too long. People have dissapeared and Ive read that one of the girls i follow here has died. This saddens me greatly, and I feel awful for all who she left behind.
Her friend posted on her blog to tell us and urged us to stop. I know that should be enough but for my warped mind, unfortunately its not.

I loved this community, so much. I hate the reason we were all here but I loved it nonetheless. There was no jealousy,  no harmful words (apart from the odd anon incedent) just kind words and understanding. I cant thank you all enough for that, I love each and every one of you.

But I think I need to move on somewhere else.

I will post a link if there are any of you that want to come with me.

I hate knowing that someone I followed and read and who inspired me with her words is no longer among us. I hope the rest of you who havent blogged in a while are gone because you found a way out.


  1. I have been coming around blogging world every 2 months or so and now I see this. I do not think I knew the girls since I am not around here often, but it kills me to come back just to read this. It's just awful. Hope you are doing great, if you even remember me. My best wisher for you. And I know the feeling of wanting to leave but can't... It is a refugee around here, a place to feel not only understood but safe.

  2. Hope you are doing okay, babe.
    Hang in there.

  3. hey chicken...havent a clue if youll get my reply to your comment but if me :) xxx

  4. I would like to come with. Please post links.