Monday, 28 February 2011

Let them eat cake, she says, just like Marie Antoinette

I don't have long but I just wanted to let you know that so far 2-4-6 is going ok, I had 274 yesterday and will be a small bit over today - 430. I don't really mind though because I still think I'm doing well and I'm exercising so I don't feel too bad, but I will get my intake to the correct number.

Hope you're all doing ok.
I love you all, thanks for your comments, I really love reading them you all bring a bit of sunshine to my day (Ok that sounded awful cheesy but you do!)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

If I could find a souvenir, just to prove the world was here, And here is a red balloon, I think of you and let it go.

Ok it's Saturday, the fridge is empty and I have hours upon hours of housework to do. I gotta feeling todays gonna be gooood!

I know I've said but thanks - You are all so wonderful! I need to get back to a few of your comments, but I have read them and they were all lovely, thank you.

I was out last night and it was really fun - And no alcoholic calories were consumed.
I went on a cruise - (I don't know if other places have this, but if not it's cars. Oh actually I think most places do but there probably called something different - Ok sori thinking out loud lol - Well if you do have this - were a whole pile a cars get together and stuff, then tell me what's it's called where you are)

Anyway lol, I had never been to one before and it was really fun, I had a really good night, and I talked to people I didn't know! That nevers happens - I am like the most unsocialable person ever like, so yip talking to new people is quite an achievement!

My mum has been on holiday the past week and is back tomorrow - So housework is most definately needed and a lot of it!

Oh I am going to be doing 2-4-6 as of today - Thank you to miss alisha! She is doing wonderfully well btw. Oh and if your not following her then what are ya at like - I can't do links but she is over there >>> I think, in the followers bit - So yeh, go, follow.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My puppy's name is Cassie...

I don't even have the words to explain how I felt when I saw the comments under my last post. I genuinely did not expect anyone to read, but thank you - It means so much.
I still have to get back a couple of those comments.

I suppose I should tell you where I'm at - I haven't lost any weight, in fact I think I may have put on a pound. I am around 108Ibs but I feel I look thinner than before. Like I'm more toned than before, I can feel and see my hips and ribs more than before.

I am doing an awful lot better with exercise, I am doing so much more, like I walk a lot with Cassie, I do push-ups, sit-ups and crunches. I went to the gym for a few weeks as well with my friend but we don't really go that much any more because we're broke. I just feel generally more active which is good I suppose.

I have gone through the whole cycle of starving-binging-purging-cutting-starving etc. But in this past week or so I've been a lot better, like I can control myself a lot better, I have fasted, I have had a day of 300 calories etc, etc. I don't feel the need to eat everything on my plate anymore.

I am still having my phases of horrible depression, positive, happier times, you know a mix of more or less everything.

Okay, I have a goal. In 2 weeks I will turn 18, I am determined to enter adulthood weighing nothing more than 99Ibs - So yeh there it is.

I am happy to be back I really am, than you all for welcoming me back - your all so lovely.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I was going to leave this until February 28 because that will be the day that my blog is one year old, but here we are.

I suppose I should get straight to it - I left, not because I wanted to but because everyone here is so so supportive even when I had fucked up beyond belief, everytime I came on blogger one of you beautiful people had left me yet another lovely, supportive or kind comment. I kept telling you how shit I'd done and I was sick of it, I was sick of having to talk of my failures.

But I miss you, I miss all of you.

I would be amazed if any of you read this - I do not deserve it.

Thank you to you all. I seem to have gained followers since I've been away, so thank you to you if you are new and thank you to you for sticking by me and continuing to follow me.

I will not bore you with things I've been doing while I've been away, the only important thing I will say is that I got a puppy, she is 6 months now and although it sounds stupid, she is my world.