Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I was going to leave this until February 28 because that will be the day that my blog is one year old, but here we are.

I suppose I should get straight to it - I left, not because I wanted to but because everyone here is so so supportive even when I had fucked up beyond belief, everytime I came on blogger one of you beautiful people had left me yet another lovely, supportive or kind comment. I kept telling you how shit I'd done and I was sick of it, I was sick of having to talk of my failures.

But I miss you, I miss all of you.

I would be amazed if any of you read this - I do not deserve it.

Thank you to you all. I seem to have gained followers since I've been away, so thank you to you if you are new and thank you to you for sticking by me and continuing to follow me.

I will not bore you with things I've been doing while I've been away, the only important thing I will say is that I got a puppy, she is 6 months now and although it sounds stupid, she is my world.


  1. I'm so glad you posted again - I missed you loads! I hope this means you're feeling happier, or at least a little bit more positive about the future. You should be - you can do anything you want to do :) Millie x

  2. Aw, darling, I've actually missed you a lot! I always think of how I "met" you last year and how supportive we were to each other. It sounds like you're doing okay! I hope life is working out for you. Stay in touch.

  3. Doesn't sound stupid at all.. My pets are my babies =] I know exactly how you feel!
    I'm also glad you're back. You definitely do deserve it. We're all here to be that cushion you fall back upon when you're about to hit rock bottom.

  4. Glad you're back (: Hope everything is going good

  5. That's so beautiful, I wish I had a pup. I hope she's your best friend; pups make wonderful friends.
    Welcome back darling, we all missed you.

  6. I missed you!! I've been gone too. But still reading all the blogs. A new puppy, I hope Roxy is taking it well :)
    I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, but I think we should email or something.
    If you want :)
    my address is
    I'm on twitter too @Luna_atc

    I love you lots hun, and i hope you are feeling better and happier <3

  7. mom doesn't let me have an animal. I am not mature enough to take care of another soul. I have been feeding her since i was 12 years old
    Never think you are unworthy of someone's attention.
    You have such a beautiful and intricate mind, you astound me.
    I am unworthy of your apologize and not viceversa.
    You have a special place in my heart
    Please do bore me with details of what have you been doing, if you want in an e-mail?(
    With the Purest and Most Unconditional LOVE

  8. it doesn't sound stupid. animals provide a condition-free loyalty no matter what, makes sense she is your world. I LOVE ANIMALS!! welcome back.

    xo Chloe