Monday, 5 September 2011

Jus a lil update...

Sorry its been so long,buh my laptop charger is fucked. On my phone at the minute. Thank u all so much for your beautiful comments on my last post. My phone is retarded and wont let me post comments,buh i really appreciate every word. Still no luck on the job front but im wrkin on it! Still going to the gym and food is ok. Im maintainin at the minute which is better than gaining. Oh an i have a twitter so if u want to follow me, please feel free - RachelJHewitt
thanks again, hnpe your all doing ok. Talk soon


  1. I hope you can get a new laptop charger or something to get your laptop working again. And I hope you can find a job soon! Maintaining is a lot better than gaining. Have a good day.

  2. I am glad you are doing okay, that is better than not feeling good, right.
    I wish you so much luck with everything, honey, and I am hoping you'll be back here soon.

    Sending you all the love I have,

  3. i'm glad you're pretty well! Keep it happy :)

  4. Hey! :) I'm back too and it's nice to see you're okay xxx

  5. i hate technical difficulties!hahaha

  6. I just found your comment on my other blog!! Hello!!! yeah, I'm still at wearelosingourminds but I made a non-ED blog called toujoursbienthoughts for a bit of banter and that...noone ever reads xD same old. Anyway, when you get this, email me at and we'll have a text or whatevs!