Thursday, 25 August 2011

The world is moving so quickly, life is moving on.
People are excited, they are growing up, they are moving on.
They are having fun and they are on their way to making something wonderful of themselves.
They are forgetting mistakes they made when they were young and knew no better.
They have forgotten those who weren't always kind.

And then there's me.
I'm still here.
Still Sitting.
In the exact same place as I was 6 years ago.

I haven't moved on, I haven't moved on at all.

I am so unhappy.
I am sitting here.

I have a tear stained face.
I have bleeding, scarred legs.
I have a hole where my soul should be.

I have died on the inside,
A long time ago.

Life is racing by and all I can do is watch.


  1. A lot of hugs sweetie
    often I realize that while we see ourselves as not moving on, other people think we've changed, improved, grown up, we just don't see our own progress.
    you're beautiful

  2. You know, this may sound rude now, I don't mean to be, and I am sometimes thinking just the way you are, BUT: this is not true.
    We may think that we are not changing, that we are just watching and that we have died inside, that we are lost. This is not true, honey, simply not true.

    I, you, we just need to find the courage to step up our game again. We are something in this world. Everybody is. But to notice a change, you have to start at some point.
    You have to start in order to get out of this misery. I have to try aswell, we all have to. It is not easy all the time.

    And I believe that you have the strength to do so. You may not believe it, but listen to yourself and maybe you will find it somewhere inside.

    I wish you all the best with that and I am hoping this was at least a bit helpful.

  3. So, have you noticed that when you are staying at a queue you think that the other queue moves faster? Well we are the same, we always think that the other is better and moving faster through life. But the others have problems too, have relapses, have crises in life, just that they don't show it to others. Don't you think that for others you may appear just the way you say? always moving, succeeding?
    Sweetie, you have to concentrate on you and only you, if you compare yourself with others, you will always be in disadvantage, because you do not know all the informations. I know what you are talking about, honey, and i agree with dear Lovely Me. We all have to learn so much.
    You are loved, by me, PME and many others, my sweet Broken Butterfly