Thursday, 11 August 2011


Does anyone play a left handed guitar?? Does anyone actually just play any guitar?? Did anyone teach themselves??

If so please tell me how!! I'm really starting to believe that guitar playing is some kind of witchcraft because it is just impossible!!

Help please if you can.

Thank you for the wonderful comments, if you are following me and I haven't yet returned the favour, please let me know...
Much love


  1. yes ma'am! I don't play lefthanded, just regular ole right handed guitar. However, I did teach myself, it really was not difficult.
    I started out not by learning chords individually, but learning very simple songs with easy chords such as G, D, C, A, Em... you learn the chords as you go, and you therefore learn how to progress from chord to chord. I started with the easiest songs I could find- praise and worship songs and taylor swift. haha if you do not like either of those, maybe I can think up some more suggestions for you.
    Don't worry about strumming at first, its harder to me than laying the fingers down. Just learn how to press the strings down first, figuring out how to press hard enough and not touch any strings accidentally with other fingers. Learn to do that basic skill and then you can progress to concentrating on strumming, and then learning harder chords. and, don't worry if you suck at first, you just have to keep on truckin til you get better. lol I hope you learn!!

  2. i'm no help. i play guitar by ear. i'm terribly dyslexic when it comes to those 6 little strings&i can't seem to hold onto what i learned in lessons. look up videos on youtube of a lesson on how to play your favorite song. that way you'll be comfortable with the guitar. that's all i got. good luck.
    p.s. electric or acoustic?

  3. I have tried multiple times to learn guitar to no prevail.... I really hope that you can learn tho!! I think it just takes a ton of time and patience, and just never give up! It hurts your fingers a lot at first, bit I hear if you just keep pushing through it will def pay off :)

    Good luck!!!