Saturday, 13 August 2011

Left Handers Day!!

Thanks very much with the guitar help! I will just have to keep persevering and hopefully it will pay off. I have a really cool looking guitar, even if I do say so much, it's an acoustic and it's pink, or yes you read right - pink. I'll post a picture of it soon if anyone would be interested it seeing it?

I have been thinking about this lil ole blog of mine and I think I wanna cheer things up a bit.

Yes I have an eating disorder and yes it takes up pretty much every waking thought, but I do, do other things, I have a life, well kind of. No I do just not a very interesting one, but still.
Would you guys like to see something a bit different? Like maybe more picture posts of everyday shiznic that I get up too, pictures of the little adventures me and Cassie go on (Cassie's my dog), random wee pieces of the normal part of me?

Obviously I'll still let you know how I'm doing with the old weight loss shiz and whatnot too.

Would anyone be interested in seeing any of that??
I just feel that sometimes this can be an awful sad place to come, and I love my blog and all of you and I would like to maybe bring a little bit of normality and positivity to you, maybe, if I can.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Mucho appreciated.

Oh yeh and it's left handers day today so if theres any fellow lefthanders out there Happy lefthanders day. Don't really know what it mean or if it entitles us to any perks for the day or anything but there you go.
Talk later


  1. you should post a photo of your guitar for sure. mine is an electric, it's purple. i love my fender.
    post whateverthefuck you want on your blog, silly. i post all sorts of random information&photos&i haven't been murdered for it yet.

  2. yesss picture of the guitar please!
    and yesss, to actually hearing about your life. not only is it nice to hear, it'll probably encourage you to see happy stuff on your page too. it's good to talk about and think about things other than an eating disorder.

  3. I would love to see your guitar. I have a black acoustic guitar with cobras made out of mother-of-pearl on it. I don't know how to play though. Currently it has a broken string that I need to fix. I just started following your blog so I don't really know what too many previous posts have been like, but pictures and other things going on in a blogger's life can be interesting. A break from just the stats and how weight loss is going can be great because sometimes it can get very boring/repetitive.