Monday, 1 August 2011

Finally a good day...

So yeh I liked today, today was good.

521 calories eaten
319 calories burnt
202 calories net

Yeh I like that.

I'm a bit of a bum at the minute and really not enjoying it.
I set my alarm to wake me at about 8.30 every morning then fill my mornings/afternoons with dog walking and housework in a desperate attempt to stop myself from becoming extremely lazy, which would be very easy to do.

Right it's 1.35am so I'm off to bed.

This is me on my way to becoming a more regular blogger.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night - whatever applies.

Oh and Bella, thank you so much for your comment - it was so lovely - I was not expecting it at all and it really did bring a little tear to my eye. Thank you so much.
(Blogger won't let me click on you - don't know why - so that's why I'm replying here - Really hope you see it. Thank yo again.


  1. Yaay, good work off of calories!
    I really like your blog, especially the pictures. Housework & dog walking are exactly what I do too! :)
    Good luck with tomorrow, I'll be here if you need me! Stay strong ♥

  2. love the tat rache :DDD i have a butterfly too haha we're meant to be. sad as to hear about murphy... ive never been very attached to any animal but ive seen how hard a loss it is for other people i know :(

    wow about ur bf :) sounds like an awesome guy :)
    lol i feel like i may as well be doing this in an email but oh well...
    im proud of you telling someone but ill admit the selfish part of me that wants to keep you bound up with the secret so you wont ever leave me... damn how awful to say :P always happy when you're happy though... i always end up feeling tricked when i tell someone like i cant take it back and then they look at me different... but its never like that with my best friend and it wont be with kathryn :)love love rachel xx