Thursday, 5 May 2011

I don't have time to be miserable!!!

So I have decided that I'm not going to be - It sounds stupid saying I don't have the time, but I really don't.
It is really unusual for me to be busy, but I really am at the minute, like with going to college, doing work for college, doing housework, walking the dogs, doing random bits and pieces with my friend - I'm on the go all the time.
I have been neglecting most things to do with food and exercise, but I'm not too worried about it because, I am always moving, and I'm walking the dogs every day... (Well I say I'm walking them but it's more like I'm being dragged around the wee country roads on my arse more or less by the two of them lol) and I'm more or less living on mugs of tea and coffee, bowls of honey loops and biscuits. Not the best things I could be eating, but right now I'm alright with it.

This was just a quick wee update, probably doesn't make that much sense, so yeh sorry about that.

Thank you for keeping me sane these past few weeks.
I hope everyone is doing alright.


  1. :)) you will be just fine:)
    I love you

  2. yes it is me, i know it is horrible, but i trust this community enough to post my picture:)

  3. Rachel my darling!
    How are you?
    Know. That i am always
    here for you! stay strong!

  4. Not having time to be miserable is a good thing.
    Maybe you'll forget you every were.
    I always hope that will happen.
    Maybe one day. <3

  5. yeah right, me and beauty:))
    If i made you feel better, it means that i, for a few seconds, was worthy of living.
    Thank you for making me feel worthy.

  6. I find this post very positive and uplifting.
    Thank you.
    You sound happy, which is so great, I hope you stay intuit positive mind set :)
    Love Anafly