Monday, 2 May 2011


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to PerfectingmyEmptiness. You really helped me today with getting my big fat arse into gear and actually get some work done, I got 2 assignments done, one at six pages and one at two, and I'm about to another one now before I go to bed - It's only a short one so shouldn't take too long.

Uh back to college tomorrow after 17 days off. Uh it's going to be painful.

I've to get up at about 7 tomorrow morning because I have to sort the dogs. My brother usually does it in the morning and I do it in the evening but he's away for a few weeks. I usually fall out of bed about 20 minutes before I'm due to leave.

Oh christ it's going to be painful!! I've been crawling out off bed at about 11 or after these past few weeks.

I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be filled with heavy days at college, a lot of red bull, pro plus, endless cups of coffee and nights sat at Kathryns (my best friend) dining table until 5 oclock in the morning, then passing out in her bed for 2 hours before getting up and doing it all again.

Well that's what happened this time last year so I can imagine it will be similar, expect you know worse.

Please bear with me, you may not hear from me very much over the next few weeks and if you do it will probably be a massive mental and physical breakdown in writing, so this is me apologising in advance and letting you know not to pay too much attention.

Thanks though for putting up with all my shit - I love you all for it.

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  1. :D:D:D
    and we love you because you are not a perfect person:)
    bear with yourself first, my love:)
    it is going to be painful, but rewarding at the end.
    Take care of your beautiful soul,body and mind