Thursday, 2 June 2011

Flying is simple... just throw yourself at the ground and miss...

I promise this post won't be long... Promise, promise, promise.

I tried to 'start again' - Fuck I hate that phase. But that's kind of what I did, I tried again, I counted what I ate and what I burnt. I set myself calories I wasn't allowed to eat over.

Guess what? I fucked up.

I'm really sick of myself - So for another time I will 'start again'

Does it ever end?


  1. we are all sick of ourselves. No, it never ends.

  2. unfortunatly no. I think I "start again" every week

  3. I kinda dislike this phrase, too, but it's the only hope we got.

    Truth is, we start again every day. We wake up every single morning and we decide that today will be a good day, that we won't mess things up today.

    I am with you and I will support you in any way I can, so I hope this time will be better for you.

    You should not be ashamed of starting again. The people who stop and don't care anymore should be ashamed, but not you.