Monday, 27 June 2011

People can be very cruel...

This is Dawn French. (The brunette in-case you're not familiar) I don't know how well-known she is outside of the UK, but she is very well-known within it.

She is an extremely funny woman, an incredibly talented actress and writer, and she seems to be very down to earth, and well just nice.

This is how most people will recognise her, <<<< but very recently she has changed somewhat...

Dawn now looks like this....

She has lost 4 and a half stone.

Dawn French has been big for most of her life I think, she has always spoke of how she was happy with her weight and that it did not affect her self-confidence and that she always thought 'big is beautiful'.

She has also said that the reason she wanted to lose weight was because she was aware that she was getting older and that she needed to take better care of herself, she said she wanted to do a lot more things and she wanted to be healthier in order to do them.

She decided she wanted to be healthier and she made it happen.

I found some comments regarding this weight-loss, from the random public, and some of the things they have said about this wonderful woman are just horrible and completely un-called for, some of the comments read things such as,
'No offence but she should lose another ten stone on top of the five stone she's shed',
'I'll bet any money she's had a gastric band - so much for her protestations of 'happy being fat'.
Some of theses people have made really nasty comments about her job, her humour, and just about her in general.

I don't know how people can go on these sites and just write the most horrible things they can think of. Dawn didn't make a whole song and dance like most celebrities of saying, ''oh look how great I look, didn't I do well?'', she just did it because she wanted to, she did say that 'big is beautiful' and I'm sure she still believes that, but she knows that she needs to be healthy as well.

To me this seems to be something she has done quietly for herself, but you can't lose 4 and a half stone when your in the public eye and not have it noticed, so off course pictures were going to be taken and articles printed, but I can't understand why people can't just look at her and think, 'she wanted to be healthy, so she did something about it'

I really hate nasty people.

Dawn French along with Jennifer Saunders let me forget sometimes, when I watch them I don't have to think about myself, or about calories or exercise or that little voice. I can turn my head and my thoughts off and I can laugh, like properly laugh. Due to the life I am living at the minute, I can get quite down as I'm sure a lot of you can identify with, and having something that can let you forget for a while and stop you thinking about everything is completely priceless.

Dawn inspires me, she has wonderful talents and she shares them beautifully with people, she is very beautiful and she just gets on with things, she has done this for herself and I hope that she doesn't have to read or hear any of the horrible comments that have been said about her.

This may seem like a strange kind of a post from me but I hate people who are nasty just for the sake of being nasty. I wish I could be more like her and be happy with myself.

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  1. I get what you mean, but I guess some people are jealous too because they can't achieve what she has achieved and it seems like a very easy way to deal with that anger by just writing or saying nasty things.

    She did something great and we should all be inspired by her.

    I hope you are doing fine, Rachel, I really do. All my best wishes to you, honey. I love you loads,