Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ahh!!!!.... Fuck it, here goes...

Moon, Lovely Me, Anafly, PerfectingMyEmptiness and Miss Alisha. Thank you. Like a lot!!

To be honest I didn't think anyone would really read my last post, and I thought if they did they would only read a bit. So thank you.

I love Blogger and I love blogging, but as I'm sure a lot of you know, when I get a bit down or sad I tend to disappear for a few weeks, which I don't really like doing because I miss you, but I don't really like boring people with my bad moods.

But if anyone would be interested, I could do different posts, like maybe some random posts, like my dogs, my dreads, random pictures, music etc. Like maybe if you wanted to ask me stuff about ED or just me, or maybe something you'd like me to write about.

Just something that isn't just me wittering on all the time.
I don't really know, but if you would have any ideas or something let me know.

I think I would just like to show that I'm not as miserable as some of my posts sound. Like I do get very sad, but you know not all the time.
Just something that shows I'm not just my ED.

I don't know, let me know what you think.

Okay a lot of you said you would like to see me, so I thought about it, and kind of freaked out. I don't know why, because I know none of you would turn around and just go, 'Eww', I do know that but it's just one of those things yana?!

Then I told myself to man up and just do it, so here goes:

That's why I said 'purple-ish' lol, the colour is growing out and looks a bit crap at the minute.

And just to clear up, I'm not trying to be like a Rastafarian or anything like that, here dreads are a bit more of a hippie thing. My brother calls me a tree-hugger lol.

Please excuse the crap picture but I can't take pictures of myself, it took ages to get one that didn't look like I was incredible pain.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments.
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

Oh and too those in the UK, were you pissed of at the Xfactor just not being on for 20 minutes. I was panicking like a bitch.

Oh and too show some loyalty to a fellow countryman or woman even -


  1. You are so so SO gorgeous! Your personality and words on here have always been beautiful but now I see the beautiful woman that rights the words and feels the emotions. You have gorgeous eyes! You have absolutely amazing hair! And man those eyes! Haha sorry but I have a thing for eyes.

    Darling, I am honestly fine reading whatever you want or need to write, I simply enjoy reading what you have to say. A few snippets of your life here and there would be nice though if you're comfortable with it. You sound like you lead an interesting one.
    Lots of love,

  2. Post whatever you feel like! It's your blog, after all.

    Girl, you have such a unique beauty! I usually don't like dreads, but wow, you are so beautiful, I can't get over it.

  3. You are beautiful! you really are :-)

  4. So cute! And I like the hair color, its funky but natural. Did you do the wrap yourself? I've always wanted to try one but never had the patience.

  5. A hair wrap is where you wrap stuff around your hair. There's more to it I'm sure but I'm not a hairdresser or anything lol. I've usually seen them done with embroidery floss and beads, sometimes people get them done at the beach? Lol anyway it's pretty and yours looks like one :)