Monday, 7 November 2011

I love you all quite a lot...

I really do, you are all cool!

I'm crap with replying to comments as I'm sure you've all noticed, but I read and appreciate every word. I promise I'll get better at relying to them.

Believe it or not I do love replying to comments, because I like being able to (hopefully) give support like you have to me.

I have gained weight the past couple of days, but I'm trying to remain positive. And I will lose it again very soon hopefully.

There are a few of you that I feel I 'know' better than others, and some who I exchange comments with more than others, and names I am more familar with (and the American spell-checker says that familar is spelt wrong and that spelt isn't a word, what the fucks-up with that!)
but I really do have a love for each and every one of you, that has said a nice word, given support or even only read my ramblings.

Seriously spell-checker is a bitch!
Any Americans out there, do you really not have 'spelt' as a word??

(Oh and just to say, I know that America and UK do have different spellings of words, and I'm not saying anything bad about that, just about how spell-checker is American when I'm in the UK)

Just wanted you to know I wasn't slagging anyone off lol, cause I love you all even if you do spell colour without a 'u' - Oh I've set of the little red line again....



  1. you're lovely, you really are.
    Don't worry about the weight, you'll shake it off.

    When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in the UK, and used to speak a very British English... then somehow (colleagues, movies, books I guess) I got stuck to American English...

    Now I moved on to Awful English speaker level!


  2. I'm horrible at replying to comments and therefore rarely do. I used to try to reply to everyone's and then it ended up a hassle and I gave up for the most part. I usually just didn't know what to say back. And spell check can be sooo annoying. I hate how it always says my name is spelled wrong. Maybe you could see if you can add those words to the spell checker so it quits telling you they are spelled wrong?
    Hopefully the weight you gained will go away quickly. Just stay positive and work towards losing it.

  3. Don't worry about gaining a little weight. I'm sure you'll lose it soon. In fact I KNOW you will. Remember, you are amazing and beautiful and full of strength and the power to do whatever you want.
    Take care, love.

  4. Hahaha this post made me laugh, spell check is horrible! I'm sure everyone can relate on that level. I'm afraid I can't help you at all though, I'm not American and I'm only half English.
    Yes, you've gained a little bit of weight but yes, you'll be able to lose it again. You're a super strong woman with goals that she can achieve.
    Love Anafly

  5. so weird how i came on blogger today and you commented me! god rachel, life's a complete bitch right now..nothing is going well and i'm fat..huge infact..but restriction has made its way back in my life and although the weight ISNT! going down..the familiarity of emptiness is regularly visiting me. i text you liek 2 weeks ago but guess i have you're old number :/ i'm still with charlie..and i love him to bits.. but its been a bumpy ride but right now we're at a semihappy place - about the only happy place i have left. I thought you'd forgotten about me i really did oops i mean it's only me.. but in answer to your question no i didnt leave cos im good.. i left becuase i want to avoid my failures. but my god will i be skinny by christmas. i want to be a cause for concern again, at least then i get paid attention :( its weird im studying eating and ED in psychology at school -no one ever gets it :( xxx