Friday, 16 April 2010


Everyone. Today is friday which means no college for Rachel! It is 4 minutes to 12 here so if have 4 hours to myself before my brother comes home. My mum is away until wednesday so I'm going to try a fast I think - I have never been very good with these but I'm going to try a different approach - I am going to have tea, coffee, diet drinks, low cal juice and stuff like that - This is mostly experimental - It's just that while I have the chance I want to see if I can do it.

Today I should be kept busy enough, I have my room to tidy, a shower to get, a house to clean, a dog to walk and I want to have a wee while on the wii, and I think I'm going out with my friend later. I like going out with her - we just go and see friends that we haven't seen in ages because they live a way from us - But it's good because if we do go to the shop - I only bring enough money in with me to buy a drink and then it's always quite late when we get home so I never wanna eat anything anyway.

Sun is still shinning here - Hope it's as lovely where you are :)
Anybody any plans for the weekend??
Rachel x


  1. sounds like a good plan, wishing you much luck with the fast :)
    i wish i had sunshine as well...

    think thin.

  2. Yess! that's a great idea, just surround yourself with yummy liquids. I always feel better when I do. As for your friend getting her license/car, my friend and I always drive to a trail at the local college and jog and walk together. Especially when it's gorgeous out. Hope that helps!