Saturday, 3 April 2010

The snow didn't last as long as I thought it would - Which is good because it was so cold I hate being cold. This week has been really bad I have eaten "normally" but I really haven't enjoyed it - It doesn't feel normal - It feels gluttonous and un-natural. I feel horribly full every night when I go to bed and wake up feeling sluggish and still exhausted. I don't like it yet, every day this week has been the same. I like going to sleep with gentle hunger pangs in my stomach, I like waking up feeling refreshed and awake.

Next week has to be better - I can't do an other week of this - I can't. Tomorrow is easter sunday so my mum always makes a big dinner so I think tomorrow will be another day filled with food. But monday it begins again - My plan in the previous post - 600 cals along with the exercise I will do it. I've had a week of rebelling, of disobeying, of disappointment - And I've relised that I really don''t like it.

I'm sorry for this post - But I had to get it out of my head to share it with someone else other than the voices in my head. I'm sorry - I hope everyones holidays are going better than mine.
Rachel x

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