Friday, 16 April 2010

My day

My day was kind of good actually - I didn't really do any of the stuff on my list except for the shower - whoops. O well. My friend and I went sunbathing and oh my god how warm could it have been? Seriously it was a fucking roaster today. Then we went back to hers to get her car and by this point my stupid fucking allergy had kicked in (I am allergic to the sun - Yes really the sun I know stupidest allergy ever) but anyway it gives me the worst mirgranes ever - I can get really ill with them and when its really bad my face swells up... It really is as lovely as it sounds. I have tabletss for them but they are very strong which means I have to eat with them I have tried having milk or something like that but it doesn't work and they make me violently sick so... My friend (K) was going to the chippy so I got a chicken burger - I know but I haven't had one for literally years and it was good. But that was it all day except for 2 litres of water and a few mouthfuls of diet coke.

After all that we went and picked up a few mates and were just drinking and stuff in the car... I didn't drink I was good I'm not generally a big drinker anyway and K wasn't drinking obiously because she was driving so it was fine - It was fun actually there was only 5 of us but it was good we were just singing and generally mucking about but one of the fellas got out of the car and was sick like badly sick so we were on our way to take him home and the other fella was sick all over the back of the car and me and K had to try and clean it - And oh boy it was stinking but hey I think I've lost my appitite for a while!

A part from the few sicky incidents it was quite a good night. I'm not to annoyed about eating because it was 6 oclock when I did and I've had nothing since. I seem to work better this way like not saying "I'm going to fast - I'm going to eat nothing" because usually when I do that I have the biggest binges, so I think I'm going to take the more relaxed approach and hope it works out.

I really need to do some cleaning tomorrow because my house is a mess - And hopefully get a bit of time on the wii and stuff. I think I'm going to weigh myself in the morning... I haven't weighed myself since the 12th of March because I've been to afriad but I really hope I've lost something - I don't really mind if it's not much I just want to see some progress. So here's hopeing.

Hope everyones having a lovely weekend. Talk soon
Loads and loads of love - I really mean that by the way - I really have grown to love you, I love reading what you've been up to and the comments you leave, you all really make my day - I love you all
Rachel x

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