Tuesday, 6 April 2010

More Excitedness!!

I have 10 more minutes until I can wash my hair dye out. It's purple - well plum but you know - Purple!! This may not sound to drastic but for me it is because the most drastic colour I've ever put in my hair has been chocolate brown so I'm a bit excited lol. It looked really bright on my gloves and the wipes when I was cleaning it of my neck so I hope it turns out ok. hehe I know I'm a nerd getting so excited about this but there you go I'm a nerd. Will post tomorrow to let you know how it turned out.
Thanks for the comment Lillie - I know I love it SvS and you have to be as excited as me when you get provisional and drive to make me look like a bit less of a nerd. No fuck it we can be nerds together!! Yey.
I'm in a very strange mood today as I'm sure you've noticed but it's good I'm liking it.
And food wise still good. I've had a passionfruit so still under daily limit. Good day all round.
Lots of exciting love
Rachel x


  1. any good mood is great, even if its strange :P
    glad to hear you're so excited about something, good way to be
    thx for com.
    600 cals is good. I think im just trying to stop the sweets and stuff again, back to basics i guess...

  2. To me purple is exciting, I've never dyed my hair before! Thanks for the comment dear! Hope your day is going well :)

    Love, Andy