Friday, 9 April 2010

Purpely Mood!!

Yesterday was alright actually, yesterday was purple, purple is a good mood, purple is calm and fine and good.

And I would take purple moods anyday of the week, they are not amazingly happy but they are fine.

Okay you are now probably thinking I'm really weird, but yes I do have a colour for my moods - I don't know why or where the whole thing came from but I just remember telling my friend a few years ago when I was quite drunk that today was a red day. Red is not good, red is bad, red is anrgy, red is bad. I don't like red.

Anyway getting away from the freaky colours - I tried something new yesterday, something different - I don't do this very often. But I did it - I had a dragon fruit. What is a dragon fruit you ask?? Well my lovely friends this is a dragon fruit:

From looking at it before I cut it open I was expecting something incrediable, I was expecting to have an experience something like the herbal essences adverts - But I didn't, I was very... nothing... It wasn't not nice but it was quite bland - And I usually eat quite bland food but this was bland even for me. The white bit in the middle had the same sort of texture as a kiwi, but a dragon fruit is made up of mostly water which is why it was quite tastleless - Yes I did google it. They do say that you should put it with other more flavoursome fruits. I probably wouldn't buy it again because it was expensive enough for all it was but if someone offered me one I might take it, there is a hint of sweetness if you eat some that is near the pink bit.

I went shopping yesterday as well. Yey. I used to despise shopping because that meant sizes, and trying things on, and dissapointment when I looked at it on me, and other bad, nasty things that I don't need. But I love shopping now because I discovered that I love love love shoes!! And nice jewellery, and pretty things for my hair, and scarfs, and other little trinkets like that, which don't involve looking at yourself in big long mirrors. So now shopping is anxiety free and thats just how I like it.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Yeh it's friday but college again on monday aw :(

Talk later lovelys, Rachel x


  1. The inside of that food looks really gross and unappetizing. A little bit like holes where larvae could be. I think I just lost my appetite for the day.

  2. No way. I used to describe my feelings as colors. It was when I was banishing all feelings from my life, and I couldn't understand or put into words what I was feeling, so I decided colors would do. Beautiful in their simple complexity, I loved colors because they are all just different wave lengths of light. Which is probably not at all why you choose colors, but I think the science of it is beautiful. Anyway, my psychiatrist told me it is called Alexithymia.

    P.S. I was wondering what a dragon fruit tasted like, I saw it on another's blog and have been quite intrigued, so thanks!

    Love, Andy

  3. consider urself tagged baby :P