Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'm sick today - Not really sick just a little bit sick. I think it's a sinus infection or something - It hurts my back when I cough and I'm all bunged up and my voice is fucked and if I bend over I think my face is going to fall of. But it really isn't that bad. I get this quite a lot and usually a lot worse. I not at college today - Not because I'm sick I just can't be bothered, my mum is away and my brother leaves before me and gets home after me so it's just kind of to easy not to go. Fuck it I'm not going to miss anything - It's not like we have exams or anything my course is assignments based so it'll be fine. I'm determined not to waste my day though - I have to dogs to walk and a room to clean and a kitchen to do and hoovering so there is my day... I know exciting isn't it?

Oh I finally plucked up the courage to weigh myself and as of yesterday morning I weighed 110Ibs or 7 stone 8. Not great but at least I'm of 8 stone yey. I will never go back to 8 stone. The next thing I want to get off is triple numbers - I don't like them. I want to be 99Ibs. I know it might take me a while but I don't want it to take too long because since February I have lost 5 pounds. Yes 5 fucking shitty pounds. I wasn't going to put that up but maybe sharing my crappy weight loss will give me a kick up the arse and get me moving.

I have started watching skins on 4OD - series 1 and 2. With cassie and sid and tony and the rest of them. It's really good and I just love cassie - she is so... I don't know she is just beautiful and adorable with the wee things she says and does and I just love her. I wish she were a real person. Okay that probably sounded weird but fuck it I wish she was real.

This sounds really bad but I hope my mum doesn't come home tomorrow. I wouldn't mind a little while longer - It's been nice me and my brother, and my sister has been round too. And when mum's not here my dog can be in the house. That sounds really nasty but I don't mean it to be - It's just my mum gets pissed of very easily so when my brother trys to have a joke or someone says something not meaning to offend she fucking goes into one and storms of somewere. We are all just a bit more relaxed when she is away because we don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing. The planes are still down I think so she was looking into getting a ferry but I really wouldn't mind just a few more days.

I hope everyone's doing ok. I love you. Try and post later.
Rachel x


  1. I wish my mum would go away...and my dad :P I'd love the house to myself...my sister would probably be out all day anyway :)
    By the way, I posted my email address for you to send your mobile number to, so check up on my blog :)
    Hope you had a good day! xx

  2. Hah, I LOVE skins, especially Cassie, she's definitely my favourite character on season 1&2.
    I must say though, you should also watch season 3&4, they're really quite great.

    Oh& I followed you. :)