Wednesday, 31 March 2010


We have had really bad snow since yesterday afternoon - Like real bad - We had no electricity or anything for most of last night. It's like real blizzardy. It's not good at all and its just started again - So much for spring! Thats why I'm only getting to post now - I tried to a few times last night but power kept cutting out.

Today I have had 264 cals and I'm havin boiled eggs and a bit of bread for my dinner which will be 267. and that will bring my total to 531 which means I can have some tea later.

Hope everyones doing okay and that it's a bit warmer where you are!

Rachel x

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  1. I wish we;d had snow already! It's freezing cold and I wish it would snow, cuz then I can have a snowball fight with J :D