Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Teeth Pain :(

Okay my day isn't going so bad -It is 5 oclock in the evening with me and so far today I have had 254 calories - I am having soup for my dinner - chicken noodle its so yummy. and mayb some tea and jelly which means I'll be under my daily allowence by 138 - I have changed it to 650 a day. I hope where ever I am pulling this willpower outta I can keep on pulling. It doesn't even really feel like I'm trying to hard which is good but it is probably just the painkillers - I got my braces tightened early and they are killing me - but also means I cant really eat anything that involves me chewing it - so hopeful my low cal days will stick around.
How are you? As always leave me a comment and let me know - good or bad.
O and I'd like to apologise for my last few posts, I was on a bit of a downer last week - But I will try and bring more perkier posts. I feel alright - Today is a good day
Rachel x

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  1. Well done! Will you donate some of that willpower to me please :P I could do with it right now :)

    Hello by the way, I'm your new(est?) follower! Joined here about the same time as you xx