Monday, 8 March 2010

Follower :)

I went over my limit today. It was only by a few cals, maybe 40? See I have a routine where I eat a certain number of calories every day sunday to friday (this week its 700) if I only eat this number of calories then on saturday I can have a binge day - which is exactly what it says on the tin - all the things im not allowed during the week goes into this binge day. I have gone over today but Im going to lower tomorrows allowance to 600 because Im really going to need my binge day this week - Its my birthday on wednesday so theres going to be left over cake and generally lots of crap food in my house this week - so Im going to collect it during the week and put it in my box in my room for saturday.

I had a salad today for my dinner it was yummy...
I have lots of coursework to do but Im too tired right now

Ill hopefully get bloggin tomorrow, but if not defo wednesday to let you know how my birthday went and by YOU i mean BlAnCh - the very first follower of my brand spanking new blog. Thanks! :)

How are you? Anyone leave me a comment and tell me how your day, week is going - I would like to know



  1. ooo ooo... my week... hmm... uh. blah. im sick. school boring. im a fat binger... uh... hmm
    lets be buddies!! itll be fun... we shud like invent a diet to go on... thats always fun.... so... 4'10... im trying to work out how high that it... im almost 5'8... well... not quite. 5'7 for sure... i wana be 5'9. sigh*
    we all have what we want... id rather b skinny than tall tho...petit u know...

  2. wow thats like nearly a foot taller than me - i really am i hope your feeling better - yeh diet sonds like a good plan - we should think of a plan. Yeh i no wot you mean bout petit - really small and thin with porcelan skin - like a doll - id love it