Friday, 26 March 2010

3rd post today - you are a lucky bunch of people lol

To Lillie...

Thank you for your comments - I have about four loads done and I'm not done yet- I know I don't even remember ever buying all these clothes lol. I hope your doing ok pet

I don't really think there was a reason for this post but hey.

Its half 6 in the evening and I've had 506 calories - 144 left. I got some galaxy hot chocolate and I would really love some but I think I'll have to keep it until tomorrow - Oh and I got a galaxy easter egg and 3 bars of choxolate at the shop today as well.

I'll have some tea instead and maybe half a can of soup - 89 cals again - so today was a total of 595 calories. Hope everybody has a good weekend.

Rachel x


  1. Aww, thankyou for giving me a mention! The cinema was really good in the end, we saw Nanny McPhee and by george, it was MUCH better than the first!!
    Ahh, I'm off to bed now, I'll post in the morning :) Nighty night xx

  2. im jealous. i wanna eat what i want!! so unfair. i always have to eat whatever my family eats. with them too.
    this is so awful \gahh
    rache :D youre so strong tooo
    happy weekend!!! like its a total celebration... lol... it is for me no school!