Sunday, 28 March 2010

Give my gun away when it's loaded...

Sorry for my post earier - Just one of those days I suppose.

Thank you Andy for your kind comment - It really did help.

I found a song today - 9 Crimes by Damien Rice - I would highly recommend you listen to it - It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard - there is a line in it - "give my gun away when it's loaded". It's kind of like when we hand our lifes over to our ED's without knowing what will happen - You could hand a loaded gun to someone and not know what will happen - we could get shot or we couldn't, we can't be sure either way.

It really is beautiful - It's one of those songs though that it depends on your mood - it could make you smile or it could make you cry.

Okay tomorrow is a brand new day - I am off for easter so I am going to make these two weeks count. My plan is to
  • eat 600 cals or less a day
  • Take my dog on two 30 min walks
  • Do 30 mins of my exercise routine which consists of: - 15 each of: cruches, situps, pushups (girl), pushups (boy), 8 count body builders, Diagonal toe touch, single leg straddle - and about 5 minutes skipping (jump rope)

Ok I will do this for the next two weeks - I will I will I will I will

I don't want to come here and post my failings - I want to post and say today was a really good day - I want to write positive posts. I'm not going to promise anything but I will try to be more positive

Thank you to my followers and all you wonderful people that comment - You really don't realise how much they mean to me - Thanks

Rachel x


  1. Hey Rachel, it's Lillie, my boyfriend found my other blog so I've had to make a new one. if you follow the link from my name then I'm sure it'll be there, otherwise it's
    Hope you'll keep following xxx