Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Im in one of those strange moods where Im just to tired to do anything - even to tired to sleep - if that makes any sense. I have lots to do though - I have to tidy my room, shower, get about 3 assignments done and walk my dog.

Food wise... not great, Im still within my allowence for today - with just enough for my salad and maybe a cup of tea later but I'd rather finish the day knowing I had a few to spare instead of eating right up to the very last calorie.

Yeah two followers - thanks andy.

I hope everyone is doing alright
Hopefully get blogging tomorrow
The next post will be better theres not much structure to this one

Oh and if there is anyone religious reading, please say a prayer for my baby cousin, she has an operation in the morning. I always say I odnt believe in god and I dont think i do put in case Im wrong Id like there to be someone looking after her.

Stay safe
Rachel x

1 comment:

  1. i prayed for her :)
    srry bout the mood.... they come and go i guess. :(