Sunday, 28 March 2010

Binge day wasn't so great - usually I eat loads and then I have satisfyed my cravings for the week but yesterday - I did eat quite a bit but not as much as usual and because I had stuff left - I've started again today - I have eaten half of what was left - and I know I'm going to finish the rest - my mum is making sunday dinner so that will go down to - It's one of those times that no matter what I do to try and stop myself - It will happen anyway.

I've failed again

I'm so sorry

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  1. Hey, don't give up.
    Binges are incredibly hard things.
    They are nearly impossible to stop.
    Nearly, but not impossible.
    Do something - anything - else.
    Go outside, do homework, anything.
    That voice will call to you, and you might give in anyway.
    But thats okay, just resist it a bit at first.
    Then next time, resist a little bit more.
    Then a little bit more.
    And eventually, you will overcome them.

    And don't ever be sorry.
    It's not fair to yourself.

    Love, Andy