Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thank you

To anyone that prayed for my little cousin (BlAnCh) thank you - she had her operation yesterday and all went well - shes home and everything so thanks.

My Birthday!!

I know I said I would blog yesterday about my birthday but I was so tired - I had the best day, I took the day off college and went to see my daddy and he took me out for lunch. I had no meat just a bit of mashed potatos and lots of veg, then I had half of a chinese takeaway with my mum, sister and brother, then the smallest bit of cake - then nothing until 12 oclock today. I didnt really do very much but it was just a really nice day - I got £200, which will come in usful as I want to learn how to drive like really bad lol and I got 2 pairs of the most beautiful shoes and its really hard to get me nice shoes because I have such tiny feet - Im a UK 1 (sorry Im not sure what that is in american sizes) but its a wee childs size - so theres very few places I can go. I got lots of make up and a really nice braclet and games for my playstation lol Im a big child. Oh I was 17 by the way.

I couldnt count exactly how many cals but I was careful not to eat to much and Im pretty sure I managed to stay with my daily allowence.

Today I have had 647, I might have half a cup of tea later (32 cals) and some more diet coke (3) which will bring it up to 682 so I will still be within my allowed amount of 700 - does that seem like a lot??be honest.

Im really lookin forward to binge day (I dont know if Ive mentioned binge day?? If I havent its this: I will decide an amount of calories I am allowed at the beginning of my week (sunday) and if I only eat that amount everyday sunday - friday then I have a binge day on saturday which is all the things I havent allowed myself during the week I put in a box in my room and eat them all on saturdays - sometimes I purge - sometimes I dont, it depends. but im really looking forward to it this week because I have two big bars of galaxy, a box of thorntons chocolates, one cake and half of another - a wee chocolate bun thing and pasta and cheese, and a pasty my nanna made (I dont know if you have pastys in america - but they are just pastry with beef and potato inside it - they yummy) and any other little delights I find in my kitchen. Ive a feeling I'll be purging this week. I know that may sond like Im cheating but its a way to control my cravings - If i want something insead of eating it I put it in my box and know I'll be getting it on saturday - It works.

Yeh another follower. I gots 3 now. Thanks it means a lot that people actually read this - and leave comments - I like reading them - tell me how you are - Id like to know - weather its good or bad

Hope everyones having a good week

Stay safe
Rachel x


  1. Happy Birthday, love.
    And this binge day actually doesn't sound like a good idea.
    Let us know how it works out.
    God blees your little cousin.

    if support is what you like, stop by and have a cup
    of tea <3

  2. Thank you.
    I know my binge day sounds bad - but if I knew I wasnt going to get it I would binge during the week - I do purge quite often on binge day - I know thats not healthy either but if tried other stuff to distract myself and it doesnt work.
    Thanks I will have to have a look.