Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!...

To any mothers out there!!

So today not so good - I got up this morning and give my mum her card and some chocolates, then went to see my granny with my sister and give her some flowers, then to my nannas - I had chocolates for her too. Then we went to a restaurant - me my mum, brother and sister... Chicken goujons... and half a small pavlova... thats it. Well I say it but I shouldnt of had it especially the day after binge day. Binge day was good yesterday I had a big bar of galaxy, my thorntons chocolates - about 15 - pasta and cheese, 3 mini muffins, two wee buns, sweets, a few chicken nuggets and a few wee sausages - I purged...

Tomorrow is a new day... I am not having lunch at college any more, I can't - we go to the same place every day and all they do is bagels - I know that sounds really bad but the town where I go to college is a shithole so it's either that or a chippy... Im going to drink some tea while my friends have bagels and just drink diet coke throughout the day, I dont think it will be to bad as I am getting really sick of bagels - we have been going to the same place since september.

In other news I have lost a pound as of friday. I know big whoop but it all helps I suppose. I am starting to eat a lot more salads than I used to and enjoying them, which always helps. I dont eat the same dinners as my mum and brother anymore I just have my salad or some lowcal soup. I always go to bed for a few hours after college so Im sleeping while they are eating so they never really question it.

I really want to get down to 99Ibs (7 stone) by the time I go back to collge after easter - Im 8 stone (112Ibs) at the minute - I think its about 3 or 4 weeks. Is that asking to much? Do you think I can do it?

How are you doing?? Yes YOU... anything strange or startling going on in your life at the minute?? Share with me...

Anyway I hope you are all doing well - and better than me

Stay Safe - as always
Keep smiling


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