Sunday, 3 April 2011

He was buried in the mountains, and that is against the law...

Things are going to change.

I'm growing up - I leave college in about 5 weeks, then its time for real life.
I have get a job.
A proper job
A grown up job.

But I'm not a grown up.

I leave college in the middle of May.

Then I will be looking for a job.
I will probably only have a couple of weeks for my last summer as not really a child but not really an adult.

These few weeks will be spent mostly at a quarry, this means swimming and sunbathing and eating from portable bbqs and having a few drinks and enjoying summer nights.

I want to be able to allow myself to enjoy these small weeks, I want to have a few drinks and a little bit of food with my friends. I want to swim all day and lie out in a bikini top. I want to have fun.
But I can only do this if I lose weight - I'm not going to be able to lie out and swim and let people see me.

So there's only one thing I can do

The race is on!

(I was watching the end of bucket list, hence the title lol)

How is everyone? Tell me what you've been up to.
I love you - every single one of you - with all of my heart

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  1. You're finally back. YAY!
    Nothing new here, I guess - the race is always on, darling ;)

    Loads of hugs,