Friday, 22 April 2011

Ok I think...

Ok - today has been alright...

Like ok, intake has been all over the place for the past wee while, like I'll do fine during the day and go back to the old habit of binging like a bitch at night. I have been purging a bit too. But only a wee bit like, I purged on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Then today I think has gone quite well in comparison to the last little while.
Today I ate: 830 calories
Today I burnt: 135 calories
Total for today: 695 calories

Don't worry I haven't gone delusional, I know that ^^^ (well up and over a bit) is nothing to shout about like, but I'm ok with that for today. I'm just happy I didn't binge. And the exercise....
Uh well I haven't done any in a while apart from the odd walk with my little puppy. So my goal for the next few days, exercise wise is to walk her everyday.

I am aware this sounds crap, but for the next few days it will have to do. And at least it's better than nothing, even if only slightly.

Thank you too those who commented on my last post. I'm so glad that you love absolutely fabulous lol.

I have been watching outtakes most of the night, they're great lol.
Jennifer Saunders is a comic genius!


  1. congrats on no purging! & aw I love puppies! What kind is she? xo A

  2. It doesn't sound crappy, you'll do the best you can ;)

    Never stop, darling!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. It doesn't sound crap at all, especially the part about exercise. It is so hard for me to go motivate myself to get off my ass and move. I admire you.
    <3 Jenny