Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm sorry for all my ranting lately, I don't mean to be such a bore and it stills amazes me that you all take the time to read and comment. I like that about here, you all care. I don't write here in order to get comments or sympathy I really don't. I just like it here, it's like a haven, I can write what I want and I never get judged for it.

Even though I don't expect you to read or comment, I'm so very grateful that you do.
It makes me feel better knowing that you all understand. I hurts me as well though to know that there are others suffering the same as me.

I'm so very glad for this place and for all of you. I love having somewhere to come and just be. You all keep me going.

I'm sorry I'm not commenting at the minute, but the way I am now I have nothing to say really, I have no words of comfort and I don't want to say things just for the sake of it. When I write comments, I really mean what I write, but I don't feel anything right now so anything I would say to any of you in comments would feel like a lie.

I bore myself, with all my sad writing I really do and if I bore you, none of you ever let it be known. Thank you for that.

It's 4.50pm here and I am yet to eat, lets hope it stays that way.
80 calories of coffee, 5 calories of juice and 2 pro plus is what I have ingested today.


  1. love, you never bore me.

  2. i will always be here for you, sweet :) you're amazing. and never boring x

  3. I am glad you can be so honest here, it is a good feeling, right? Don't worry about having nothing to say, it'll come again.

    Stay strong darling, we'll all be here for you, waiting for you to get better and supporting you on your journey.
    Loads of love,