Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough...


I know I keep disappearing - I'm actually amazed I still have followers. I wouldn't follow me.

My puppy chewed through my laptop charger, and my mum is really funny about people using her laptop for some reason so the odd time she does let me use it - it's only for like 10 minutes and she keeps looking to see what I'm doing so I didn't really want to chance logging on here and her seeing.

Anyway I got a new charger today but the stupid people only sent me the adapter - theres no plug. I don't know if all laptop chargers are the same or not but with mine theres two parts the part that goes into the laptop and has the big adapter part on the end of it and the part that goes into the adapter and then has the plug on the end - well they didn't send the plug bit. I'm using my mums plug bit now on my laptop. I don't know where my old charger is so I'll have to hunt about for it and see if the plug bit has been bitten or not. So I'll let you know.

Ok sorry that was an awful lot of writing to say something very simple. I'm not feeling very articulate right now.

I know I keep saying sorry, and I'm sure that is starting to lose it's meaning now but I am.

Like I was building relationships with people on here and then I leave and now I've probably fucked them all up.

I hope to be back on here properly for good, but I'll not promise anything just in case. But if my plug bit isn't bitten then I will be back.

I hope everyone is ok and I'm sorry again.
I hope you can forgive me. Again...


  1. haha. There is no contract that says you have to blog here all the time.
    It's okay, love. Have a life. Update whenever the hell you want. The people who matter will still follow. :)

  2. lol stop apologising and just keep blogging as much as you can, everyone has lives they must attend too, you're the same don't feel bad about it.
    Bad bad puppy eating your charger tho xox

  3. you did not fuck up anything:))
    we should stop saying sorry, i say sorry a lot:)
    I love you