Tuesday, 20 July 2010

20 July

Not to bad of a day, I did eat over 900cals, I had 1087. I exercised for two hours and burnt 527 which puts my intake down to 560. So I am not to annoyed about going over.

I had my 2litres of water aswell.

It is 10.30pm and I am heading to bed because I got my braces tightened today and good lord am I in pain!! My wee mouth very sore, it hurts my jaw and my head, so some tablets and off to bed for me.
It really hurts, but it's nice to have a real reason not to eat, instead of lying all the time.

I found my old skipping rope, I used to love skipping when I was little. I did a bit today, and really enjoyed it, I'm definately going to keep it up because just 15 minutes of it burns 129cals, so yeh.

How are you guys doing???
I just wanna say that Rachel, I love you, I am so glad I found you, well that you found me rather but yeh, you are a wonderful person and I'm lucky to know you, even if it is just over blogger. Love
Love to all of my girls


  1. <3

    I think I'm gonna try skipping, now!

  2. JUMPROPE! it is fun, but I get bored pretty quickly. What do you DO while you jump? Also, two feet at a time in the air? Technique is everything right? Hah.
    xxxooo E

  3. rope skipping is GREAT!!
    I wish I could do it, but living in a flat means I'd get yelled by my neighbors...

    Do you blast music when you jump?


  4. good suggestion! I hope your mouth is feeling better soon! well, maybe not so that you can use it as an excuse not to eat. lol I hope you are doing well on your quest for thinness!

  5. I've never had braces but ive heard of the pain of them:( i do hope your mouth feels better, but yes it is a fantastic way to skip out on a meal. haha any excuse you can find right? 560 is a great intake number! and skipping!! man i havent dont that in years!! its always fun to burn calories and do something fun at the same time!! nothing quite like it!!
    your amazing love, dont ever forget that!! thank you soo much for everything!! i may say it a million times but i dont care!!! every single word you say to me, means the world<3 im glad that i found you too!!
    have a good day beautiful!

  6. yeah, its weird how that happens. sometimes, i guess certian stresses in life, and certian things trigger old habbits and BAM its right in your face again. Well hold on sweetie, you can do this! its not worth it to cut not even once. we all know the slippery slope it is.

    and GOOD! im glad you feel that way about drugs:) keep it that way. they do you no good, but mess up your life.

    But YES, i agree. Rachel we will reach our goals together! its so much easier when you have someone else to go to for support and not doing it all on your own hey? But every comment, every time just brings new encouragment and hope for each day. Its really amazing is what it is!!

    I agree seeing you would be so cool! you know what you never know!! I might just run into you at a rave;) This world is pretty small sometimes! If i do im gonna give you a big hug and never let go:)

    THANK YOU for being YOU. Your wonderful, beautiful and special to me. Dont ever forget.


  7. Skipping is so much fun :)
    Well done on doing your two hours and two liters of water! I don't drink water, except to take tablets. I really should, but I hate the taste.
    Hope your jaw/teeth feels better soon. When do you get your braces removed?
    *loves and hugs*