Thursday, 29 July 2010

The lovely Sarah and I decided on a day long fast today, this morning on msn. Now this should have been easy as my mother went out for the day. It was going really well until about 8pm, when I met up with my sister. We were in the shop and she offered to buy me something. I declined and said I was still feeling ill. She seemed to accept this but when we had left she took a brunch ice lolly out of the bag, handed it to me and said it would help my throat.
So I had that.
When I got home I proceeded to have 3 cups of tea.
I know it wasn't awful but for a fast day it wasn't good.

I'm sorry Sarah, I hope your day went as planned and was better than mine.

I'm still not feeling great. I think I will sleep for most of tomorrow. To try and keep my intake down. Sleep and read. That sounds good.

I think I'm getting worse.
I'm getting a headache.
I also found out that I'm allergic to the cough medicine I've been taking.


  1. aww its not so bad hun it was your sister that made u take them after all ;) hehe do u have msn??whats ur addy?

  2. Man that really sucks, the stuff that is supposed to make you feel better is probably making it worse. I would say if you eat anything eat some oranges! Feel better!

    xo Chloe

  3. feel better dear! im sorry your allergic to the medicine!
    and maybe your getting a headache because your body needs some food? i know you probably hate hearing that and that won't help and you dont want to hear that but im tired and thats all the shitty advice i have now
    sorry love

  4. dont be sorry you muppet :) ahh i lasted till 10pm wahoo that was like 34 hours :) i was amazingly happy with myself. and i resisted a binge too. merely ate a few pieces of fruit and lots of water :) i really think you should go to the doctors lovey :( xxx

  5. I hope you'll be better soon :)
    I don't know what this brunch ice lolly is, but I think you still have to be proud of yourself for sticking so long to the fast and that you didn't anything after that.
    Best of luck :)