Monday, 19 July 2010

I'm going to change

I've said all this "fresh start" shite a million times before, but yesterday I had a day that I haven't had in quite a while. It was one of those days when when I felt...
Nothing really, I was tired but couldn't sleep, drinking didn't quench my thirst, punching my ribs didn't hurt. I wanted to cut so bad but I didn't I ate instead. And guess what?
I didn't feel it.

So today I am changing.
2 litres of water a day
Exercising for 2 hours a day
900 calories a day
1 meal a day in the evening
small snacks throughout the day
I am going to comment so much more
and try to post more, although some days I have little to say, but I will try.

I am sure I will be changing the the times and numbers as time goes on but this is just for now.

I mean in about commenting more, I love when I see I have gotten a new comment, because I know it will be filled with love and support and kindness, I am going to make a better effort to return that kindness.

I think it was Lucy's shadow that asked when I was going on holidays. Well I'm not. This summer has been a huge cockup, holiday wise. I was supposed to go to London but then me and my sister wanted to go away so my mum said we can go to London for my birthday. Then me and my sister couldn't find anywhere to go, so looks like I'm staying put.

Uh, I don't really mind to much because my weight is all over the place (108 yesterday morning), my cuts are doing really well, they are almost gone, but not quite. And at least now I can concentrate on losing.

Thank you for the comments.
I love you guys.


  1. good girl!!! This makes me so excited to hear your plan. 900cals may kinda seem like a lot, but your body will be happy and healthy and still loose weight with a steady 900, not a binge then fast, then binge then fast. I know it'll work for you, its working for me!

  2. I've felt like this today aswell. I felt like the words 'I will change' finally ment something. I really hope you'll do it, your plan sounds really good.
    Stay strong, it will make you happy.
    Best wishes, Merely

  3. Summer is the best time for a fresh start. And there's nothing wrong with a new start, even if it's the millionth one!!!

  4. Im so glad to hear that you refrained from cutting, even if it did lead to eating. You will find something more healthy to do to replace that urge though:)
    I agree 900 cal is a healthy amount if you are going to be working out 2 hours a day! You want to have energy to work out and think as well. Good luck on your new start. Remember take one day at a time: one mintute at a time. This is your life and live each day on purpose. I agree, its always a good time for a fresh start: no matter how many times you have to start over. Just keep on getting on track don't settle down in defeat.
    Go get em' girl<3

  5. I like your plan! If you're exercising everyday, you'll be totally fit and toned!

  6. New plans, I love it!
    Sorry that your holiday plans didn't work out. But maybe this now leaves room for something better to happen this summer :)
    I'm glad you resisted the need to cut, it is only ever a good thing.
    Have a fab week love

  7. Oh god, 108 makes me a jealous bitch. I can't believe a couple months ago I was there and now I'm 117. Fuck me. Seriously.
    Anyhow, I'm happy that you're off to a new start. Proud of you doll, keep it up :)

  8. i'm going to change too.
    you can do it girl!

  9. I hate that feeling that is a lack of feeling. I hope all goes well.