Friday, 16 July 2010

Where am I?

I am tired, socalising is tiring. I don't much like it anymore.

I was at a friends on Wednesday night, got drunk, ate too much, not a binge but ate, nonetheless, sobered up, had to clean up sick from said friends back garden, stupid boy, he's not a good drinker so he buys and drinks a whole bottle of vodka, yeh good move. Anyway clean up, ship everyone home, climb into bed with same said friend, slept for two hours woke for 1, slept for another 5, awake for another 1, slept for 2. Get up with worst hangover known to man, (May I remind you that I went to sleep sober, wtf is up with that?!) Pratically crawl home, fall into shower, go to another friends watch lots of films, eat enough food to keep alive a family of 4 for a week. Have I ever told you about my friends, Ben and Jerry?? Well I hate them, they're pricks!

Sleep for 2 hours, crawl home, climb sleepily upstairs and read 40 missed blog posts, make a post of my own.

My past few days. Not very exciting as you can see.

I am not used to mixing with people from the human race, I can go for 2 weeks with out seeing a soul apart from my beloved pup, mother dearest or big sister, that suits me fine.
I am tired out, tueday I was at the beach, wednesday - drinking, thursday - friends.
My Aunty wanted to know if I wanted to go camping tomorrow. In all honesty I would love to go, I've never been camping before, but I can't I'm so tired. I need to shy away from the human race for a little while.


  1. Humans are exhausting, I'll toast to that.

  2. Me, Ben and Jerry.. it's a love/hate relationship.

    I agree, socialising is tiring.. And yes, I am the same, I am quite happy just having my family around me for weeks - at least with them you don't have to make any effort whatsoever.

    Camping is really fun. You should definitely do it some time when you are less tired.

    Much love,

    Bali x

  3. Oh, I know. Socializing IS tiring. I try to avoid it. It's like time I could be using for exercise.

  4. Get some rest sweetie, i hope you feel better. I most def. get the worst hang overs ever: its one of the many reasons not to drink too much. Thanks for your comment<3 yepp, binge days suck suck SUCK! But this weekend will be better.
    ps. ah, yes i most certinaly WILL take you to a rave, if ever that opprotunity came for us to go. i am pretty sure you would have a blast. i awlays do:)
    Your beautiful my twin.

  5. I look at socialising as one of those necessary evils in life. If I could I'd stay without it, just give me my tea, books and computer and I'm set. But then I think of my close friend who I don't see very often because of my antisocialness, so I just make the time. I don't think we humans were meant to be truly alone.

    Camping, ah I love it. Sitting infront of the fire at night, getting to use a torch, exploring the nature around me. You might like it, you might not, but its definetly something you should try one day. When you're not tired :)

    Rest up love, and have a great weekend. Make it all about you, pamper yourself because you deserve it.