Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I gots an award... woohoo. From the beautiful, wonderful Rainbow Rachel!!

Okay, so 5 likes, 5 dislikes and 5 nominees (I can see that is not spelt right, it looks all wrong, but I do not no why...)



1.Butterflies - I am obsessed with butterflies, I have been for quite a few years now they are just so beautiful. I think that they are also beautiful at their caterpillar stage.

2.Roxy - This is my beautiful springer/lab cross, she is just so gorgous, with her big ears, and I taught her to give me her paw, which is so cute when she does it... Okay I'm drifting of, but trust me she really is the best dog ever.

3.Blogger - This is not meant to sound cheesy, it's really not, but I love you guys so much, I really do, especially Holly, Rach and Luna.

4.Coffee - I really think I'm addicted like I get the shakes if I don't get caffine now, so probably not the best sign in the world, but hey I wouldn't change my breakfast of coffee and a cigarrette for anything.

5.Pink - When I was little, I hated anything that was in anyway girly, so no pink, no dresses, no pretty things at all, but when I turned about 14 I discovered all these wonderful things, clothes shoes Oh shit shoes.

6. I'm only meant to have 5 but fuck it - Shoes - Oh my god I love shoes, I can hardly every explain. It is really hard for me to get shoes because I have tiny feet. I'm a UK size 1, to everyone outside the UK... I'm not sure. My feets are just really tiny and narrow, and even in kids pumps I still need insoles. Although even though it is so difficult to find shoes, I have managed to rack up a total of about 34 pairs - which I must say, I'm quite proud of :)

5 dislikes:

1.England winning things - I'm sorry to any English people out there, but I'm Welsh and I hate you winning stuff because England do tend to go on a bit about things, like the world cup, that was about a bizzilion years ago, and your still talking about it

2.Shopping - I love shopping but not when it's for trousery-type things because these bloody clothes makers don't seem to realise that little people need trousers too. Like petite ranges, almost all of them start at 5ft - which is really no good when your 4" 10.

3.Getting older - I'm sure I don't need to explain this much as I know a lot of you feel the same. In 8 short little months I will officially be an adult. I can't be an adult - I'm not old enough

4.Spots - Need I say anymore? Probably not but I'm going to anyway. I hate spots, they are so bloody ugly, and I have to wait for "nature to take it's course" because I'm allergic to spotcream. I know frigging spotcream. And the sun. I really do have the best allergies ever

5.Animal cruely - I hate hearing about this, like people beating dogs and things. I think people who kill animals should be treated in the same way as if they had killed a person, it's not right and people should be punished correctly.

My 5 people:

1.HOLLY - I love this girl so much, she's my little sister. She is so wonderful and beautiful and special and I wish she could see this.

2.LUNA - I love you Luna, you are the same height as me and your not 11. Thats makes me feel good. You also share my love of all things Harry Potter - and that - is an unbreakable bond. Really I don't know what I'm supposed to do when they finish.

3.MILLIEDOLL - You are the only person - over the age of 7 who loves mini milks as much as me, and I love you for it.

4.SARAH - She used to be my braceface buddy, until the lucky girly went and got hers off, and so I now struggle alone. I loved the pictures from your prom, your so beautiful.

5.CHARR - I love reading your posts, they are wonderful, and so are you. Remember that.

I'm really sorry but I don't know how to do links, they never work but you all know who you are.
Thank again Rach.

Quick recap for today. I had a slight mini-binge this evening, totalling 727, making todays intake 1346. I did 2Hrs 40Mins of exercise (-480) bringing my intake down to 866.
I'm not as annoyed about the binge as I probably should be but I told myself to stop and I did, so I'm quite pleased I had that control.

I really must go now because I dying for some nicotine. Love you girlies


  1. Thank you! :)
    gosh I have the same problem with pants! My mom always makes them shorter for me - kinda embaressing right

  2. Hey, where in Wales are you from? I'm living in Cardiff, maybe we could be text buddies??

  3. congratulations!

  4. that's so sweet that you mentioned me :) i'm smiling a lot. and i'm English and i totally agree about that!! haha. my father WILL NOT stop bragging about how great England is and i'm like STOP, we suck at most thins! let it go! lol okay the end. xx

  5. I'm kind of blown away that you are 4'10". and that your feet are kids size. hahah

    and sweetheart, do not worry about being judgmental. You've experienced the hell that is anorexia, I'd rather listen to you tell me to stop than someone who doesn't really know, its much more believable if you tell me. Its much better to hear something slightly harsh but good for me than to be encouraged to continue, then I end up getting an ED. Yalls comments are appreciated above all others, thank you so much :)

  6. Nice job on the long exercise!! what did you do? Running?

  7. Thank you for your comment and for following; it really made my day.
    I'm also short (4'11) and have small feet (US size 4 or something) but they're unfortunately wide ):
    Anyways, just wanted to leave you a comment and tell you that I really your blog(:

  8. Aww thanks doll :)
    I'm not sure when I'll be able to get around to this, but thanks so much for it, love youu! [:

  9. eeeeek i just saw this award :') thank you so much :) and hey you'll get yours off soon.. just dont outshine me with your beautiful teeth ;) and thankyou for calling me beautiful.. it's weird how much one word can mean so much to me :) xxxx