Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I'm a monster

Nom Nom Nom, thats what my night was made up of.

I hate myself for being so weak. It's not that hard, look at the chocolate and the bread and the butter and all other manners of shitty stuff and just say FUCKING NO. Thats all there is to it. Saying no, but I'm so weak and pathetic that I can't even do that


  1. don't worry, lovely, i had a bad night too.
    tomorrow is a whole new day and we can make it great with renewed motivation (:
    stay beautiful, sweet xxx

  2. your not weak or pathetic. you just had a rough night. just like MillieDoll said, tomorrow is a new day! :D
    stay positive, tomorrow will be better.

  3. Yeah I had a bad day too.
    but tomorrow we will just say no.
    you are NOT a monster.
    love you lots

  4. everyones right, you'll start fresh tomorrow (well my today lol) and be strong, hang in there.. "we all have bad days" as quoted by you =] xoxo

  5. We have those bad days! just don't let it kill your motivation.

    xo Chloe

  6. One day at a time. We all give into those chocolate/carb urges! So dont you sweat it either! you mess up you keep on going, you can do this my beautiful twin! we are here for you, and support you and there is NO judgment here ok? today is a new day and its full of new things! don't forget to look at the good things too around you...and no your not a monster=) your beautiful


  7. be kind For Everyone You Know Is Fighting A Battle29 July 2010 at 19:14

    first off darling and i struggle with it too but im working on it. why is there an equal sign between what you eat and you being weak and pathetic??? so when others eat a lot they are weak and pathetic too?? is that the case?? if not-then why are you so harsh? why do these rules only apply to you?
    i just want you to think darling
    <3 you