Saturday, 24 July 2010

This really annoys me

Okay I went shopping today, I usually like shopping because I buy nice things for my hair, pretty scarfs, you know things that alway fit. But today we and my mum walked past river island, they had a sale, mum wanted a look, mum kept handing me stuff to try on.
I hate trying things on in shops. I tried on the jeans

Now usually at this point I look at myself and want to cry because I'm to fat to zip them up, but not today. No today the size 8's slid on quite easily, but something else made me want to shout and cry.

I have never in the whole time I have been alive been able to buy a pair of trousers that fit me - lenght wise. This may not sound like a big deal, I used to laugh it off, but now it's really starting to piss me off. Why should I have to chose between paying someone to shorten them or walking on them and ruining them. Everyone else can buy jeans and just wear them, so why can't I?

And I saw a really pretty pair a shoes, so I asked the girl if they had any other sizes, she was helpful. She brought me round to the shoes and then asked what size I was. I told her a 1 or 2, she changed, she wasn't so helpful, she pointed to the other end of the shop and half heartedly said, down there.

I walked to where she had pointed, she had lead me to childrens. I know this may not seem like a big deal, and I do where kids alot of the time, but these looked very young, with flowers or ladybirds and things on them.

It's like, if a shop did not cater for the larger person they would get labelled as being discriminating, but if anyone complained about things not being small enough, they'd get laughed at.

I love being the size I am, I love being so short and having such tiny feet, but everyone else seems to have a problem with it, it kind of renforces the way I feel about myself, like I don't deserve to wear the same nice things as everyone else, I'm different and everyone should be able to see that I'm different by the things I wear.

Sorry I know I sound like I'm over-exagurating (I should really learn to spell) but it gets a bit tiresome after this lenght of time. If you have manged to get to the end of this crappy boring post, then thank you.

I have been very tired lately, not sleeping so well, I only managed to count calories until and 6.30pm, and then I kind of gave up, which worries me slightly, I never can't be borthered to count calories. (Sorry I know that was horrendous English, forgive me)

Going to try and catch some Zzz, but I think a smoke first, I should probably cut down, I've been smoking quite a lot lately, oh well it keeps me busy.

Love for you all.


  1. Oh My Word!! I feel EXACTLY the same. So sick of not getting shoes that fit me and pants that I have to cut or tuck in. This is partly why I hate shopping, its too frustrating. All winter I've been looking for nice boots, but as usual nothing comes in my size unless its kiddy.
    But you're right, I really like my height too, everyone else just needs to get with the program and design for us little people :)

    I hope you get some decent sleep love, ten hours or so :)
    sweet dreams *hugs*

  2. even though the pants may have been a wee bit long, at least they slid right on, such a great feeling!

    I feel ya on the sleep thing. I've been the same way the past few days.

    it makes me sad that you're smoking more :( It would make your lungs happy if you cut down a lil bit. But hey, its yo body.

  3. i hate shopping and i love scarves. scarves always fit. clothes not so much.
    i think it was really unfair of that sales assistant. she was acting stupid. in some stores in jeans they have a size of waist and then length of them too. its handy. sometimes jeans are too long on me and i'm 5 foot 7, so i have to roll the bottom which i don't really mind but would prefer if i didn't have too.
    hope you sleep well.

  4. I can definitely sympathise with you here- I have the exact same problems with pants and shoes. But where you have accepted your size, I'm not exactly comfortable with being so short and having tiny feet (I'd much prefer to be more of a 'regular' size- I'm vain). So I commend you on that (:

  5. im sorry that it upsets you when you shop for pants and shoes.
    in all honesty i would love to shop in the kids section! and i have seen quite a few stores that have the CUTEST little girl shoes (no offense), and i was pissed my big ole feet cant fit in em!

  6. Hello fellow butterfly! (:

    Congrats on fitting into a size 8; don't let that awful salesgirl ruin your glow! I have huge UK6 feet and shops always hardly seem to sell shoes my size. Either that, or they're always conveniently out of stock.


  7. hi, i live in Italy and lucky for me i learned english in 6 grade. i like your blog it's very inspirational. i even started my own blog. please give me support.

  8. eurgh shop assistants, what do they know :)i know exactly how you 5 ft 4 but only just so petite stuff is too small but "normal stuff" is still too big, so now im stuck in the bleeding middle. oh the drama.
    good luck with sleeping :) xxx

  9. Aww that really sucks about the clothing! i cant say i understand how that feels, I am over 5'8'', so im def. not a small petite person! But, dont let that throw off your confidence! I think being small is beautiful so own it girl!!
    Re: your last post:

    haha im glad you got to go have some drinks and dance the night away! i agree that the dancing burns heaps of calories anyways so dont even worry about it!!

    i hope you get some good rest and have a wonderful week!!

    Don't forget to smile and do something you love to do for yourself today! You are so beautiful, and special, dont you forget it!