Tuesday, 20 July 2010

"I know exactly what I want and who I want to be"

Which is why today can only end in success, and it will!
I love you beautiful girls


  1. Lovely Rachel,

    I most definitely understand your struggle with cutting. I used to self harm too, and it is a very nasty habbit indeed. But there is hope for you to overcome it and not turn to it! Its been almost 2 years since I last cut, and i never thought that was possible! Remember you always have a choice: EVEN if it feels like you HAVE to do it and everything inside you is already set on it. One breathe at a time as i said.

    We all have our own struggles. I may not struggle with cutting anymore, but i still want to do drugs a lot. I used to have a huge problem with it, but i never do them much anymore. I still do though every now and again, but i hate the fact that i crave it and want it to have fun. I dont need it but i want it. And drugs are def. not a good habit either. Oh Sigh. So we keep hanging in there living one day at a time with the hope we will reach our goals and overcome our obstacles. Lets do it:)!!

    You are so special to me Rach, you were the first person to comment me and actually follow & read my blog and it means the world to me. EVen if theres one other person who reads and understands besides me its amazing! Thank you soo much!

    Your doing great! Keep it up, today is going to be a good day:)


  2. stay strong, love!
    you're doing great :) x