Tuesday, 6 July 2010


My life has reduced to nothing
I have nothing to live for
No college to go to
No job to go to
No friends to see

My whole summer will consist of cleaning and tidying, the house and my room.

I will wake up and wash dishes, I will clean the kitchen, I will tidy up the living room, I will put on washing, I will tidy up my room, I will hoover.

I will wake up and do this day after day after day.

If I were to not wake up on the morning, the one and only thing that would change would be that the dishes would not be done.

I don't want to die
I don't want to live
Why can't I go somewhere inbetween?


  1. you remind me of cinderella here ...and look how things panned out for her, happily ever after.

    maybe that's how it's all gonna be for you.

    hold on there. xo

  2. <3 *Hugs* One day at a time dear. Things will get better. There are seasons in life were it feels like everything is going good, and others where it feels pointless. But it all fits together in the big picture. Hold on its going to be worht it K:)

  3. This sounds like a good opportunity for some "me time." Buy some tea or coffee, a fancy cup or something, a couple books you'd like to read, a sketch book or a journal, and just send some quality time reflecting. Trust me, once "real life" kicks in these moments are precious. Enjoy this.

  4. Aww, Quinn stole my thunder :P
    But soldier, hang in there. I highly doubt that's all your summer will amount too, if you approach it with an open mind I'm sure you'll find some fun before September :]

  5. this was me last year. hang in there love, life brings changes when we least expect it.
    if you get really bored, maybe start a new hobby? something time consuming.
    chin up, love you lots

  6. Sweetie, invest on yourself. Go for some exercise, then lay in sun while reading-sleeping-listening to music.
    It helps, really.


  7. Your better than cleaning the house.
    Like Lucy's Shadow said, go out, read a book, sleep in, rent movies, take walks, listen to music.
    But it would break my heart to see you just clean the house hopelessly. Your worth more than that.
    stay strong darling!

  8. I feel like this every day.

    I have my easel in my room, shelves and shelves of books, and I clean. I clean and clean because it is never tidy enough. But secretly I just want to binge.

    Hi, I'm Eva by the way!