Saturday, 8 May 2010


weighed myself, and as of this morning I am 7 stone 7 or 109Ibs. Yeh so not great only a pound down from about 2 weeks ago. But I was really scared this morning, more than usual, I mean I could have cried out of relief even though it was just 1 pound.

I wish it was summer time already, I know it sounds like an excuse but I think I would cope a lot better when I'm done with college for a few months. No word of a lie I think I have at least 9 full assignments to complete before the 4th of June. I'm so so so fucking thankful I have no exams. I get near enough 3 months for summer this year so at least I will have all of june to lose as much as possible before the real summer starts. It really stresses me out because I can't do any of these assignments at home because my mum's computer doesn't have microsoft on it and mine has a virus so I can't put my memory pen in it. And to top it all of there is a libary where I live but I got ban from it when I was 9 and they still won't lift it.
Seriously I went there a few months ago and they asked my name and said it was a ban for life, I laughed, like properly laughed aloud, I thought she was taking the piss, but Oh no she was deadly serious. So yeh I'm pretty much fucked but I do get quite a bit done in college so wish me luck.

Another scattered post it's a bit like my head today, my mood today is alright actually, the sun is shining so that might have something to do with it. Hope your all having a good weekend.
Rachel x

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  1. Sometimes I'm so afraid I might have GAINED weight, that even half a lb lost feels soooooo good!!!!
    stay thin sweetie!