Monday, 10 May 2010

I wish

I could float away,
I wish I could melt away,
I am with people most of the time
But I feel so alone.

I love my best friend so much,
I am closer to her than anybody else I know
But she wouldn't understand.
She can't.
Even if she wanted to.

Sometimes I wish I could have someone,
To talk to, to understand.
But other times, I'm glad no-one does.

I don't deserve anybodies time,
Or energy,
Or understanding,
Or anything.

I love being alone
I hate being lonely

I love that no-one knows
I hate that no-one understands

I love how I can keep secrets
I hate the liar I have become

All I'm really sure about is that I love each and every one of you.



  1. Best friends cannot understand.
    They're oblivious of the way fat hugs our and their bones.

    If they weren't oblivious, the competition would be too hard.

    That is what blogorexia exists for. To connect you with people who understand.


  2. I like this <3 It makes me kind of sad though. Of course you deserve people's time -hugs-
    Thanks for your comment bytheway :]