Friday, 28 May 2010

Thank you

For your kind comments on my failure.

I am having just liquids today and tomorrow, but I am going to the cinema tomorrow night with my sister and two friends, I might use the old "I ate loads before I came" but if I do have to eat something I will keep it limited. I am going away with the same people on sunday as well, it's like a church thing, they go away every now and then when the weathers nice for lunch, sort of like a picnic I suppose, I know a few people there but not very many as I'm not really a church person, but I like doing things with my sister.

I will not having anything before I go or when I get back.

It is 12oclock and I have already cleaned and tidy the whole kitchen, and I am going to dye my hair soon too, (Cosmic Purple!!)

I hope everybody is having a good Friday, I was supposed to be going out tonight, to induldge in horrendous amounts of alcohol. But I have declined and I am going to spend tonight and part of tomorrow and part of sunday and all of monday doing coursework, cleaning, Ironing, walking the dog and going on the Wii, are you proud of me?? This is going to be a productive weekend!

Thank you again for the lovely comments


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend... well at least it's all productive ;) Have a good one, and hope you're doing well with the fast. Stay strong.

  2. post a pic of your hair!
    And enjoy your weekend!

  3. i hope yor weekend will be epic!

    Have a good one!


  4. have a good one :)
    it does sounds pretty good.

  5. ahhh rache :P cuz we're emailing, i got lazy with my blog and i hadnt been reading urs either... i think i need to re-vamp my blog... im not ttoo good with this stuff tho... u shud help me!!!! :P
    love uuuu im in a better moood now btw :D