Monday, 31 May 2010


For all the lovely comments on my crappy baking, it looked amazing because the meringue was pink, but it tasted awful, anyway thanks.

This week is going to consist of coffee, tea, diet coke, coursework and hopefully not much else.
I am going to be completely flat out with my coursework so I can get it finished, so that will be a good "I don't have time to eat" or "fine, but I'm having it in my room", so yeh hopefully my week will be a good one, I finish for the summer this thursday!! I'm kind of exciting because I get 3 months off, but them I'm like shit I have 4 days!!

I will get it done, iwilliwilliwill! Ah I hope.
It is 11.20am and I still haven't managed to crawl out of bed yet, I hate bank holidays, it's so sunny and lovely looking outside, the one day it doesn't rain in this crappy country is the day I can't enjoy it.

Uh, anyway I'll update you later.
Love and panic


  1. Oh yeah! Me too- I'm done on Thurs too!! Although, I live in Aus, so I only have 2 months off (winter break- yes, I know, my university semesters are weird...) But anyway, so excited for the break!
    Hope the week and the coursework go well.

  2. I'm also finished on Thursday. :)
    xoxo, Melissa

  3. good luck with all your work !!
    I hope you can turn it into a good week like you plan to :) !