Saturday, 15 May 2010


is all I can really say for this weekend. I suppose it's been okay, I was out last night with my friends, but I didn't drink very much. I stayed at K's house last night and I had a ham and coldslaw samwich for lunch then we went to McDonalds at around 4 or 5 and I got 6 chicken nuggets and an oreo mcflurry, then maybe 3 fun sized packets of haribo and a peach and apricot muller corner. So not so good, but I did have an alright day, I'm absolutly knackered know though, but I just wanted to write a quick post before I have a smoke and head to bed.
I am desperate to get down to 99Ibs, really my first sort of goal, if you like was to get below 110 and I've done it, it's taken way way way longer than it should have but it's done. Now I want to leave triple figures, quite quick, because summer is a coming.

I have found myself with a strange new habit, it may well sound strange, but I have taken to scratching myself (ok it took me about 5 times to try and spell that right, not good) in the small place over and over again, anywere, on the tops of my arms, my stomach, hands, there aren't huge and after a few days I get to pick at it and leave myself with pretty pink scars, which are quite easy to pass off as "the dog did it" or "that's been there for years". It's very relaxing in a way, it doesn't hurt until I stop, and even then it's like a bit of a burning sensation, but it's quite enjoyable really and then it's gone.

My posts are becoming very scattered without me noticing, I do this in everyday life, talk about one thing then in the middle talk about something completely all together. I really need to sleep now, I am aware that I am talking shit, so good night everyone. I love you.
Love and hugs and stuff
Rachel x


  1. i swear i disapear for a month or so and ur under 110!!!! wtf!! im soooo jealous this is so unfair cngratz tho!! do awesome, ull b 99 in no time. im like 150 or something gross. i dont even like to think about it :( u need to whip me into shape rach :(

  2. i really missed you rachel. its weird. i could almost cry... probably hormones.. im so glad hearing from you

  3. thank you for following and commenting on mine, i'm sorry i haven't followed before now. xo

  4. don't worry, everyone's allowed slip ups.
    sorry, idk how to work this comment thing. :L
    what part of Northern Ireland are you from? 'Cause i'm from the North coast area. :)