Saturday, 1 May 2010


I was with my friend all day yesterday, she's my best friend but I don't know if I've mentioned her yet - If not she's called K. Anyway we went to the town near where we live - because we are both looking for jobs. We thought we would do something productive with our day off for a change, we were looking for the job centre but turns out there isn't one, so we thought sure we'll just ask around but every place we went to said "internet go on the internet to see if we have any jobs going". Yeh so not such a productive day after all.

But oh it gets better - we went back to K's house and she decide we wanted burgers. Yeh. I have been friends with this girl since we were 11 so she kinda knows I'm not a big fan of food - She doesn't know anything about ED she just knows I'm kind of a picker eater and there's no point arguing with her, I'd never win. But the burgers, we were talking away in her living room then we saw all this smoke coming in from the kitchen we run in and there is smoke everywere like proper black smoke. It was bad we didn't know what to do - we were like do we take it out or what do we do. I open the oven and the flames were huge like proper big flames like we had to take the tray outside to try and put it out. It was scary but we laughed because if me and K are scared but with each other we laugh - It's a nervous thing. Then we had to tell her mum that we set her kitchen on fire - It was okay we didn't damage anything there was just a lot of smoke - Oh and the burgers yeh they were beautifully cremated - So I got out of that one well. We had to lift her boyfriend so didn't have time for anything else.

So yeh I had a fun day yesterday. Anybody doing anything exciting over the bank holiday? Happy May!! This month will be good - I'm going to make sure of it.

Rachel x


  1. haha lol the oven was on your side :)

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