Friday, 7 May 2010

Should I be worried or am I thinking too far ahead as to what COULD happen?

I think I mentioned in the last post that I was looking after a little girl today, well I did and she is the loveliest child I know, she is 11 but she is so very talented and smart and mature. When I talk to her I feel like I'm talking to someone older than me. She was talking about the hung paliment and everything and she completly understands it all. She was telling me about her results in her 11 plus and her results were in the top 20% in the country. She was also showing me drawings she had done for clothes and they were really really good and I don't mean they were good for her age they were just good full stop. She also does ballet.

While I was talking to her today I started to worry though. She is so talented and smart but also extremely shy and modest, her mum and dad are really good parents but sometimes they don't give her the praise I think she diserves, but I think they do this because they want to keep her grounded like they don't want her getting full of herself or anything like that, if you know what I mean. But I would be scared for her incase as she grows up she could develop an eating disorder.

I mean she is smart, talanted, lacks self belief, is very shy and modest, she is very perfectionistic, she likes to please people but doesn't like being in the limelight, she was bullied so bad in her last school that she had to leave, and now her life is being completly changed as she is starting high school in september and is moving to a different country in the summer. And on top of all that she is a dancer, she does ballet and she does it very well, dancing by itself can raise all sorts of disordered problems.

Do you think I am reading too much into this? I would just worry for her because she is such as lovely girl. She lives across the road from me and I really wish they were staying because then I could watch and see if she started any of the behaviours I see in myself but as she is moving I can't really do that.

Is it me reading too much into nothing or what do you think, I don't know why I started thinking this today but something just sort of went of in my head while I was with her and it hasn't gone away.

Sorry I just wanted to post this to see if anyone could give any advice on what they think, please if you think I'm thinking too indepth about this don't be afraid to say, really.

Hope your all doing okay, enjoy your weekends,
Rachel x

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  1. oh btw, im catching up on all ur posts :P
    and i really hope shes alright... but that sounds like a bad combination...