Sunday, 16 May 2010

My plan, crappy intake and rambles probably

Ok I made sure that I counted every calorie I took in today, and what ever the total is I'm going to have that for the week, then lower it by 50 every week until I reach 700cals, then stay there for a while.
Ok intake for today:
  • Bio yogurt - 160
  • Handful of dried banana - 131
  • 2 pancakes 244
  • Tea - 64
  • Jaffa Cakes - 210
  • Spagetti on toast - 218
  • Juice - 20

1047, Not actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. Well I'm going to round it of to 1000, I don't like random numbers. So my plan for this week is:

  • 1000 calories a day
  • 1 hour of walking
  • 100 crunches
  • Get caught up with work for college
  • Spend half an hour every day tiding bedroom

Ok I can do that, my bedroom, seriously I could have a whole family living in here and I wouldn't even know about it.

I'm doing 1000 because although it is high if I go from what I am eating now to like 600cals I will just turn into a binge machine.

Nothing more really to say, I really need to sleep now.

Oh but before I go, welcome back Holly (BlAnCh) I really missed you, Ilove you

I love all of you, thank you for commenting, they truly make my day.

Lot of love and hugs and stuff X


  1. 1000 beats my 1500.

  2. Hey, :) thanks you sound cute yourself! Haha and well, good job today, just hang tight you'll make it through the day. Do you live in the U.S by chance? I'd really love a texting buddy..

  3. your plan seems very doable! good luck.

  4. that is a very doable plan (which is awesome). good luck!

  5. Good luck with your plan. :)
    I need to get a doable plan. :/
    but yea, the north coast is like in the coleraine, portstewart, portrush sort of direction.

  6. i hate random numbers too!!!! theyre an awful pain. hey rachee!! help me. get me on ur plan too. i cant count cals. but lets do the same exercises everyday. email me. u hav my email rite???

  7. well, i can count lol... but i cant ccontrol my food. intake... obs... but ill start chucking out my lunch more reliably :D

  8. good plan,i hope all goes well for you!